I want something funny to write about me on Facebook?

Answer I have a friend who rote: sorry, im too complicated to be described in a couple of words. Im a puzzle, yes indeed. :)and another one who wrote.. im too cool to write in this box.... ok, maybe im ju... Read More »

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What did you write in the "Write something about yourself." box on Facebook?

iknow im not perfect, but Jesus thinks im to die for ...

My mates left his facebook signed in. what can i put as his status something funny.?

.. is looking in his pants and still cant find a pair of balls...

Need funny random things to write on my friends facebook wall?

glad to hear the penicillin worked. Better luck next time

How to Write a Funny Essay About Myself?

Writing any type of essay about yourself can be challenging, as it's hard to examine your life with objectivity and clarity--two things you often need to write an essay that's cohesive and well-org... Read More »