I want some tracks in my hair what are the best but inexpensive brand?

Answer If u african american try sensational brand ... u have to look around . i think its a website called .. but idk if im right . :)

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I want to buy a printer.What brand(s) is/are the best?

Like someone said, it would depend on what you plan to do with it. There are really only like five major brands to choose from, so picking one of them isn't too big of a task. The only thing I wo... Read More »

What brand of laptops are the best I want a pink one.?

What brand of printers are the best i want a printer which is not more than $100?

Depends what you want.I have a Samsung ML-2510 Laser Printer.…I get two years out of a toner cartridge at $40 bucks.I paid around a hundred bucks four year... Read More »

What is the best hair dye brand/color for jet black hair?

I've been dying my hair jet black for 3 years and trust me, all brands work exactly the same. So you might as well but the 3 dollar one Revlon. That's the one I stuck to using since it was the chea... Read More »