I want some sort of health insurance, I need help i'm 19 and a college student.?

Answer If you're in college go to your guidance counselor and ask if he/she has any information about group Health care for the student body. As long as you're in relatively good shape and don't smoke or... Read More »

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Can i get health insurance for being a college student?

some states offer insurance for low income people and while you are in school and not working much if at all , it is usually based on your income and ability to pay . check out what you state may h... Read More »

Laws for Pennsylvania Health Insurance Coverage for a College Student?

Pennsylvania laws help college students obtain health insurance. The state provides college students subsidized health insurance plans or government health care services. Pennsylvania's policies a... Read More »

About Texas Student Health Insurance?

Student health coverage can be used for most emergencies or treatments for common illness. Students can likely continue coverage under their parent's policy. Most health plans will allow dependent ... Read More »

What is the purpose of mandatory student health insurance?

Most universities require their students to enroll in a mandatory health insurance plans, but many students don't understand why. Two reasons for mandatory coverage are financial protection for the... Read More »