I want some sort of health insurance, I need help i'm 19 and a college student.?

Answer If you're in college go to your guidance counselor and ask if he/she has any information about group Health care for the student body. As long as you're in relatively good shape and don't smoke or... Read More »

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Can i get health insurance for being a college student?

some states offer insurance for low income people and while you are in school and not working much if at all , it is usually based on your income and ability to pay . check out what you state may h... Read More »

Laws for Pennsylvania Health Insurance Coverage for a College Student?

Pennsylvania laws help college students obtain health insurance. The state provides college students subsidized health insurance plans or government health care services. Pennsylvania's policies a... Read More »

Why do college students need health insurance?

While in school, securing health insurance coverage may be furthest from a college student's mind. However, being in college can present some serious health risks. Ensuring that college kids are co... Read More »

How can you get some kind of insurance your husband is disable and he draws a SS disability checked and is a veteran but wife no insurance and can't get help she has health promblems?