I want make a show?

Answer Lighting the green screen will be important.Mr Safety has good tips. ZR800, ZR900, ZR930. Have mic jack - no manual audio control. Cheapest cams with mic ... Read More »

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How do make a show famous and show that show on a tv show?

Game show presenter is a presentation software that helps you make your own funny tv-style quiz show?

Visual Impaired, Hearing Impared, Physical and Cognitive Impared

I think the way you talk to child molesters on the show is textbook They need to be belittle and feel shallow just like the way they make there victims Love the show don't change a thing?

What is sitcom tv show in 70s or early 80s like a show within a show home improvement style thing but all remember is that the main character a woman had some cooking show in it?

It was called something like "mamma mia", it was shown in the UK on Channel 4 in the mid 1980s.