I want get a better education?

Answer First you must get your GED (if you do not already have it). Then, decide what you want to do. What is your passion? Second visit your local employment office and inquire about "The WIA Program". I... Read More »

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Why do people consider Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia education to be better than traditional education?

Wow, good question! I would say it's because those 3 theories incorporate the natural development of learning and growth into their curricula. They allow children to grow and progress in a natura... Read More »

I run my own daycare at home. I want to further my education....?

You could get your CDA or work on an AA in Child Care Management or Early Childhood Education.

How to Get a Better Job With Less Education?

Just because you don't have the education that may be desired, doesn't mean you can't get the job you want.

I want to further my education but I fear it may be to expensive.. can anyone help me?

check out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid...they have lots of porgrams: outright scholarships (no payback required), loans (which you repay after you graduate) and work-study - where ... Read More »