I want free umax astra scanner 4100 win7 dirver?

Answer… this site should be able to help...

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Umax astra 1220p scanner?

This may resolve your problem!VueScan Generic Scanner SoftwareURL: Hope this Helps!

Will a UMAX Astra 2000 P Scanner Work With Windows XP?

yes it will ... if you dont have driver go to and get it.... :) good luck

I want astra 4100 scanner drivers to support windows 7 how to get it?

Here is the UMAX website, I think you'll need to contact them because their driver support appears to only go as high as Vista

Umax Powerlook 2100xl Flatbed scanner problem?

That Umax is not compatible with THAT OS version. With the 10.3 version, it would work.