I want answers please, and tell me any advices i need to know?

Answer Based on the information you gave in your question, it appears ESET detected a malicious file, blocked it and quarantined it. You can verify this by opening your ESET software window, clicking 'Too... Read More »

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I want to become vegan how do i get started please help need more than five answers?

Here’s my “Veganism 101” The easiest way to avoid animal ingredients is to avoid processed foods. Buy whole foods and cook.The best recipe site is here: if you woul... Read More »

How i see the indian tv channels on net please tell i really want to know its very important...............?

you can watch movies on and watch indian channels on "". Cheers.

I want to create my own website.. Please tell me how to do it.. I don't know much about computers..?

If you want to create a web site for free without any coding at all, then I sugggest you start with a blog.A blog is by far the easiest and fastest way to get a web page up onto the internet and it... Read More »

I scanned a letter and i want to edit it but i don't know how to.... Please i need help?

Why don't you edit it first...then scan it?