I want a scanner. They use to be called flat bed scanners and I need help.?

Answer Check out for some info on scanners...

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Why are there scanners on 50 dollar printers but you can't buy a scanner for 50 dollars?

There are.…

Good flat bed scanner and are these better than a handheld none for books?

I have got a HP Scanjet 5590 that I purchased recently. It does everything I need it to. As a tip, I found mine a site dedicated to locating the best prices called Good luc... Read More »

(military virus scanner) need help on virus scanners?

Hahahaha.... do you think your friend would know what the MOD uses in there computers? im sure not my friend, because i bloody dont! and im sure its a bigger secret than you think.Just emagine, you... Read More »

Can you recommend a Flat-bed scanner that can handle 11x17 documents?

Hi EwartTake a look at Umax. They have the best legal scanners and up to 17"They are more expensive but last a lifetime or alnost. That is the make we use at the print shop for scanner photo-shoots.