I want a really awesome scar...If I cut myself in the shape of a star would it leave a star shaped scar?

Answer well..........if you want this scar, you must cut deep, and make sure you can live with it forever! that might hurt for a while, but don't bleed to death! you WILL live! (i hope) lol!

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The name of a flower thats shaped like a star?

What is a star shaped flower?

Star shaped flowers include: AsterBaby's Breath (Gypsophilia)BroomChinese LanternDogwoodGeraniumJasmineMagnoliaOrange blossomWax flower

What is the name of star shaped screwdrivers?

A TORX screwdriver has a top shaped like a star and is used for screws that have an recessed, star-shaped top, according to Wiha Premium Tools' website. A TORX socket is also available for bolts th... Read More »

What is a star-shaped neckline?

A star-shaped neckline is a unique design feature that has been around for a while, and seen recently on Puma soccer uniforms. The typical star-shaped neckline has three downward-facing star points... Read More »