I want a pigmented baby pink blush?

Answer wet n wild pearlescent pink would be perfect!

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Am i the only one that doesn't want to dress my (future) baby girl as a "pink princess" 24/7?

Boys clothes have variety?! Please tell me where you saw this! As Mom to 3 boys, and a neice I helped raise, I can honestly tell you there is sooooooo much more out there for little girls than boys... Read More »

What Color Blush Should a Person With Pink Undertones Wear?

Women who have pink undertones to their skin ideally want to find a blusher shade that gives brightness and life to the skin without making it look flushed or red. As with all makeup, what shade wo... Read More »

I have this pink pioneer baby doll with blue eyes and a pink "pioneer suit" and a white bonnet.?

Do you have a picture of it? I found this, I don't know if it is what you are looking for:…ETA~ Am I missing something? UGH!!!ETA~ OMG! I am always one ste... Read More »

Im 19 pregnant and want to keep the baby but the father does too many drugs you don't want a druggie to be the father of your baby what should you do?

Answer First pray that nothing is wrong with your child being that the dad does drugs what ever was in his systems is know going to be in the babys. You either get the father help or have him term... Read More »