I want a new youtube name. if i like yours i will give it 10 points :)?

Answer Mr. Giggles

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NAME FOR A YOUTUBE.... PLZ GIVE ME A NAME (10 points definetlyyy)?

turky twizzlermc turkturkizzlemr.turkturkiltonturkyturkmeister

I need help finding a new youtube name... if u get the best one 10 points. even if i dont put it on youtube!!?

haha l love smoshand i think dirtyxaustin is fine

If you're pregnant but you're not with the dad should you give the baby his last name or yours?

AnswerYou could give the baby the last name of the father, however it depends are you letting the dad know about the baby? Is there a chance you two will be together? You may consider your last nam... Read More »

On youtube videos, why does everyone want you to subscribe to answer ten points =]?

They just want you to see all their videos so they can get more popular and popular, so that eventually they might get noticed by a company and then payed to do what they do. It is all about them w... Read More »