I want a new camera lens. Any suggestions?

Answer For someone who claims to love primes you certainly have a lot of overlap with your 3 zooms.Here are some lenses for you to consider.CanonEF 100mm f2.0 USM, $419.95 EF 85mm f1.8 USM, $379.95Sigma10... Read More »

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Hi ,i recently just purchased a Nikon D5000 and want to add a 2nd lens , any suggestions?

Congratulations on your new camera.Instead of buying another lens right away, I respectfully suggest spending a few months getting fully acquainted with the camera and 18-55mm lens. During this tim... Read More »

Want to buy a new digital camera...any suggestions?

A fujifilm finepix brandor a waterproof camera comes in handyi bought my camera from and my friend got the same camera from a different place and it didnt work as good

I want to buy a good camera to take pics of ghosts....any suggestions?

Interesting question. Took the following picture several years ago with an old Canon Powershot A40. In the Mojave desert near Ridgecrest CA, there's an old mining tunnel 2000 foot long, cut from ... Read More »

Im want to buy new lens for nikon d90. I want take photos for local gigs. whats a good lens?

First, a disclaimer: I am fanatical about fast lenses and constant aperture zooms. The following is based on those criteria.For low-light, non-flash photography its all about lens speed. Therefore,... Read More »