I want a gaming pc for 300$?

Answer first of all,you don't need 100 fps to have best experience in games.that number sounds good only while benchmarking.60 fps are enough to have best gaming experience.for your budget and purpose,you... Read More »

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I want to buy a gaming gpu under 5k?

ATI Radeon 6670 1GB DDR3 is perfect for u in tht range worth Rs4800 Runs on DirectX 11 Will run many games on ultra and some games on ultra only on lower resolution. But its a nice GPU consumes les... Read More »

I want a YouTube gaming channel?

Ok i have a gaming channel well had but i stopped posting vids. Anywho You can take the cheap approach or the not so cheap approach, with the cheap approach you would need something like a Dazzle c... Read More »

Which computer is better. I want one for gaming purposes.?

1st option, the 2nd option has inbuilt graphics instead of a graphics card. so all games will lag. good luck my friend.

I want to increase gaming performance on my laptop, what should I buy?

Well it sounds like your CPU is on the low end and your GFX card is not posted (But I notice it is usually the crappiest HW component because people tend to not look at GFX card performance when th... Read More »