I want a computer virus!!!?

Answer go to porn sites, or similar sites and you will get the biggest collection of viruses!

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My brother put a virus on my computer(i got rid of it). i want to put a virus on his computer in retaliation?

I think that's illegal under any circumstances. Don't mess with it. Put hot fudge in his underwear drawer.

Idk if my computer has a virus but i want to transfer files to my new computer?

K7 AntiVirus is home-user friendly virus removal software, which protects your computer from viruses, Trojans, malware and spyware. K7 Anti Virus Software features include automatic updates - Ensur... Read More »

I think my computer has a virus and i want to know how to fix the problem.?

this is what I do for my clients - been posted here 100 timesThese directions r for W7. modify for XP or Vista RE running a program.1. Boot to safe mode with networking (hit F8 repeatedly while boo... Read More »

What makes a person want to create a computer virus?

Ok bet your not going to get a answer like this one , but hey it's the truth and nothing but the truth TO MAKE PEOPLE LIKE ME MONEY NO i do not write virus or trojans but i do own a PC / technolo... Read More »