I want a cd burner, my computer doesnt have one?

Answer you can replace or add another drive. a DVD burner will also burn and play regular cdsi suggest you can get a good DVD burner for 35 bucks

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I want to burn a CD, but I don't have a CD burner build in my computer?

Get one they are affordable and easy to install...or find a friend that has one!You can't burn a CD unless you have a CD burner...bummer for you, I'm burning one right now!

My computer doesnt have any usb ports?

Yes, there is something you can buy.. an up to date computer. You most likely can add usb ports to your computer, but if is so old that it doesn't have any then they probably would not work very we... Read More »

If you have a cd burner on your computer can you burn dvds to?

How can i burn movies if my computer doesnt have a dvd drive?

Just put in a cd and hope really hard that it'll work!You obviously can't. Think they have dvd drive attachments that you can buy and connect to your current computer (through a usb port?). Other t... Read More »