I want a baby but my boyfriend doesn't want one so what do I need to do?

Answer The responsible thing to do would be to recognize that something like that needs to be agreed to by BOTH parties. Imagine how it would be if things were reversed, you DIDN'T want the baby and he di... Read More »

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What should you do you want a baby but your boyfriend doesnt?

You are a 15 year old soon to be dad and you want to keep the baby but your girlfriend doesnt want you to What should you do?

its very hard to raise a child now a days.everything is so have to ask yourself a few guestion.1 is any one else going to help you raise the child.2 can you afford the child.3is this what ... Read More »

What do you do if you are 16 and pregnant and you want the kid but your 18 year old boyfriend does not want the baby?

No one can tell you the answer to this question. It's never easy when 2 people don't agree in this situation. Look into your own heart and weigh all your have 3 choices before you and n... Read More »

What should you do if your 14 and you want a baby and your pregnant but your boyfriend doesnt?

When getting pregnant as young as this very very few relationships last and you should be prepared for being a single parent if you choose to keep it. He still have to pay child support. There is n... Read More »