I want a Lethal Injection?

Answer painless? go get some sleep when someone shooting in your head. no pain.

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Why do they use sterilised needles for death by lethal injection?

The needle might get clogged up from a previous excicution - if your injecting into some1, that needle is going into the arm and could get cloged by skin cells therefore you wouldnt be able to admi... Read More »

I know its an old to some,but why do they use a sterile needle on a lethal injection?

The prisoner still has civil rights. He/She must be treated just as any of us are in a medical situation.

Im 14 and want to go on the pill or get the injection but i don't want to tell my mum can you get them without an adult?

Can the Depo injection harm your baby if you got pregnant before you had the injection?

Answer No. There is no evidence to suggest that the Depo has any effect on a baby.