I want a D40 dammit! what's the dealio?

Answer Since the D40 has been discontinued by Nikon you can expect the remaining stock to go up in price since, to the best of my knowledge, Nikon has not announced a replacement at that price point.Besid... Read More »

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Dammit! Why is the deep-fried McRib only available in Australia?

Because all the overbearing health-censors in the U.S. won't let us enjoy delicious, fatty food (e.g. McDonald's good ol' fries cooked in animal fat, Super Size value meals, King Size candy bars et... Read More »

Whats the difference between hdtv 1080i and 1080p and whats better for gaming (ps3) and tv and film?

Whats the interview like at Loram Rail,whats on the aptitude test?

The same as it was 18 hours ago, when you last asked this question. I doubt that Loram would appreciate your version of persistence. It would quite likely annoy them.

Please tell me whats the difference between hardware and software and whats a motherboard?

Hardware is the stuff that goes to make-up your computer, such as, your Monitor, Tower cabinet, Printer, Keyboard ..etc..Software on the other hand is the stuff that makes your Computer work, such ... Read More »