I want a D40 dammit! what's the dealio?

Answer Since the D40 has been discontinued by Nikon you can expect the remaining stock to go up in price since, to the best of my knowledge, Nikon has not announced a replacement at that price point.Besid... Read More »

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Dammit! Why is the deep-fried McRib only available in Australia?

Because all the overbearing health-censors in the U.S. won't let us enjoy delicious, fatty food (e.g. McDonald's good ol' fries cooked in animal fat, Super Size value meals, King Size candy bars et... Read More »

Im want to buy new lens for nikon d90. I want take photos for local gigs. whats a good lens?

First, a disclaimer: I am fanatical about fast lenses and constant aperture zooms. The following is based on those criteria.For low-light, non-flash photography its all about lens speed. Therefore,... Read More »

Whats one way u wouldnt want to die!!!?

I would not ever want to die these ways1. getting my arms and legs ripped off and letting me die painfully by bleeding 2.dying while awake3.getting stabbed4.getting eaten5.crushed to death6.Buried ... Read More »

I want to get 32" - 40" TV, whats best LCD or PLASMA?

first in reply to the first correspondent-there is no liquid in a plasma tv-its a combination of two gasses (neon and xenon) held in a plasma state-and if your tv does develop symptoms of the kind ... Read More »