I want LONG, luxurious hair... Don't we all?

Answer Take biotin, it helps with the hair and nail growth.Some tips:1- Use a brush with natural boar bristles.2- Don't braid or put your hair in a ponytail when it is still wet.3- cut on the chemical tre... Read More »

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How to Grow Long, Luxurious Hair?

Treat your hair like delicate, fine lace and it will flourish. In the absence of a prior medical condition like alopecia, hair can grow long and luxurious when allowed to grow in its natural state ... Read More »

I have really long hair and i dont like it .i want to cut it but my family dose not allow what should i do?

Well, it depends why your family does not let you cut your hair:Try this:1. Make a consultation at a salon.Do you feel bad that you made a consultation? Cancal it.You don't ? Go to the consultation... Read More »

What do you do if you are 16 and pregnant but you dont want the baby and you dont want your parents to find out?

Answer So you want the baby and don't want your parents to find out? It may be better to tell them, especially since you're under 18. They should know that their daughter is pregnant. Calmly tell t... Read More »

How to Get Long Luxurious Lashes?

We all love mascara and the way it makes our eyes look, but we hate the clumps. Here is how to get perfect lashes every time.