I want 2 go back to SCHOOL somewhere?

Answer You do have several options, although it may seem like you do not right now.1. If you can't pay the loan off in full, you may be eligible (depending on the loan) can have it "rehabilitated". Meani... Read More »

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I want to go back to school, but I am a single mother and I need money to pay for school and living expenses?

http://fafsa.ed.govBut the school will have to be recognized by the federal government to get federal fin aid. You can look up to see if a school is approved by going here: Read More »

Re: Financial aid for school- I am a single mom, I want to go back to school.?

The people I've talked to make it sound absolutely impossible without going in debt with loans. The grants I've seen don't help much. However beware of the community colleges - and tiny ones - c... Read More »

Want to go back to school for a massage therapist?

Here's some input for you from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:…There are pros and cons to massage therapy. Some Pros: you get to help people help themsel... Read More »

I want to go back to school... going a little crazy now...?

Everyone qualifies for financial aid if you don't already have outstanding (unpaid) student loan debt. Apply and it will be "granted" - but be careful as you will have to pay the loan back after yo... Read More »