I wanna watch movie from my pc to tv ,where is the s-video plug?

Answer Not all computers have an S-Video output. Typically this output is located in the video card's L-Bracket (where you plug your monitor into). If your video card is integrated into the motherboard ... Read More »

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Anyone know a scary movie or video I can watch on YouTube?

Here are some links to scary videos:………

Is Is there a plug wire or converter for a video in input to a video out out put rca plug style?

I recommend Aiprosoft Total Video Converter.…Aiprosoft Total Video Converter is a complete solution for video conversion which supports reading, playing al... Read More »

My computer freezes everytime i launch a game or attempted to watch a movie or video can anyone help me?

This sounds like a video card problem. I would download the latest drivers for your card and install them. If it is an onboard video processor (righ on the motherboard), you might need to go and ... Read More »