I wanna make a Facebook page good titles and what to post?

Answer Firstly choose the theme of the page that you want to create and then you should decide the title and post according to theme..

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How to post as a page on facebook?

go in setting on the page.through admin pannel and select "post as admin"

If someone adds you as an admin on a Facebook Page, Can your friends see what you post on there?

Not all your friends!!But it'll get notified only those are members of that group :)Hope it helps :)

How to Post WordPress to a Facebook Page?

Facebook is an free, indispensable tool for WordPress bloggers for many reasons. With more than 500 million active users on the site, Facebook provides bloggers with a massive audience to reach out... Read More »

How to get twitter to post to a facebook page, not my profile?

it can be done in your twitter settings and add the page details so that tweets will get tweeted on the fb page.