I wanna lose my v but im afraid I might be to tight?

Answer I do want to say that I think 15 is too young. I was 18 the first time and 20 now. However; I can't live your life. Every woman that has sex for the first time is tight. So I would suggest to make ... Read More »

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I need to get a ring off my finger and its really tight, how do i do it, if i wanna be safe?

If you go to your local emergency room, they have a tool that will cut the ring off and usually it will not stretch the ring so that you can have it repaired easily.

What is the rest of the Jodie call 'I wanna be a navy pilot I wanna fly an F-14 i wanna fly with the cock pit open I wanna hear them commies scream'?

The Amish are not members of the church at birth. They're not permitted to join the church until they're adults. There's a period before this decision in made, known as Rumspringa. During this time... Read More »

How do i tight my hamstrings they r very lose?

Try this :) it has worked for me, but i wanted to workout my whole legs. Read More »

Im afraid to lose my muscle but i just want to have one rest day is that okay?

You can take a rest day. In fact, the time off will give your muscles a chance to heal, and muscle development will not suffer. The day off itself is not as detrimental to your results as is what y... Read More »