I wanna know everything about Nikon D5100?

Answer It's a great camera.Let's start off with a detailed 23-page review.…A shorter review.…And one more.http://bythom.... Read More »

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IPODS-I Wanna Know Everything about them!?

Ipods are a trade mark of apple and are at the higher price range.If its just for downloading music an mp3 player is sufficient,though if you want to download video and photos it's an mp4 which ca... Read More »

I don't know how to get my Yongnuo flash to work on my Nikon D5100?

You need to have the camera in manual mode. The Yongnuo flash needs to be in manual (M) mode too (it has slave modes, S1 & S2 - make sure neither of these is selected).For a test shot, with the cam... Read More »

Which camera would you choose to replace a Nikon D40 ..A Nikon D90 or a Nikon D5100?

They're both great cameras. I was trying to decide between D5100 & D7000 to replace my D100, so I went to a store and held both. The D5100 just feels too small in my hands. Some people love that... Read More »

Canon t3i, Nikon D3200, Nikon D5100, or Nikon D3100?

If you think it matters, you aren't ready for a DSLR.Pentax do the same job and Olympus are lighter - but only intelligent people have heard of them.