I wanna buy a good PHOTOGRAPHY camera. Suggestion.?

Answer There are plenty of camera which will fulfill your needs. I am listing some of the models...Around 120$-----------------Nikon L11Fujifilm F20Around 200$-----------------Fujifilm F40fd.Fujifilm S700... Read More »

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Hi I wanna buy a good camera for my family, plse anybody suggest me a good advanced budget camera?

The Canon HV40 is one of the last holdouts of the MiniDV tape consumer camera era, and it's still a really solid choice at a good price point. It can record and play back standard-defintion MiniDV... Read More »

Mini DV Camera Suggestion -- looking for a good one for vacation?

I wanna buy NIKON camera photograph but I don't know which one is good so can u suggest for me one?

Actually with a budget of $900, you can buy the Nikon D3200 and a second lens, like the 55-200 mm. Those two lenses will keep you busy learning how to use your camera for a few years.

If i wanna get a good digital camera, for what minimum megapixel should i look for?

That depends what you want to use the camera for.And, you must remember that the resolution (how many megapixels there are) is not synonymous to quality.The most important part of any camera is the... Read More »