I wanna buy a USB sound card but i dont know how it works?

Answer Without a link to the actual product I can only speculate in general terms. Generally speaking, no. In fact in order to play two songs separately it would have to be a USB dual sound card (that is ... Read More »

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How can I get charities to stop calling me I dont wanna sound like a scrooge but........continued.....?

I am willing to bet that when you gave money to the Police Athletic League, you were talking to a call center, not the actual charity, if they were even a real charity. There are sadly a lot of bo... Read More »

I wanna buy a GPS, but dont know which one..?

I just bought a garmin and I love it!! Go to the stores that sell them and ask any question you have about them, Thats what I did,the sales person will not steer you wrong. As I said I love my garm... Read More »

I wanna get Vegan but dont know how?

I go to a university with a really crappy vegan/ vegetarian option. Here we started a vegan/ vegetarian advocacy group to try to raise awareness on campus about our needs as vegans/ vegetarians. We... Read More »

I know im tired but i dont wanna go to sleep!!?

Hi...if u are tierd Y? Is it that you dont want to sleep....i thnk may thrz smthing wrong and u did'nt find the correct words to put ur question in far sleep is concerned,u should tak ... Read More »