I walked into a table. What do I do?

Answer Sadly there isent much now you can do to stop the bruising, at the time a bag of ice would have help reduce swelling, sadly you will have to deal with the pain. general pain killers may help also.s... Read More »

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If you walked into Sephora with $60, what would you buy?

if i were you i would buy the little sets, benefit has tons of little sets for like 10 bucks and usually comes with 3 or more little sizes to test out, its a great way to try stuff from their line ... Read More »

If you walked into PC world looking to buy a mouse?

ask, where are your range of computer mice?

On Seinfeld Kramer wrote a coffee table book that could be turned into a coffee table What was it about?

Help me!! i just walked into my bedroom and the biggest wasp was in there!!?

Tarantula hawk wasps would come into my flat sometimes. I actually whacked one to death once, of course it took a while for the thing to die. Sometimes I would see them dragging big spiders up and ... Read More »