I walked into a table. What do I do?

Answer Sadly there isent much now you can do to stop the bruising, at the time a bag of ice would have help reduce swelling, sadly you will have to deal with the pain. general pain killers may help also.s... Read More »

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Can waterstones be walked on?

According to Dieter Schmid, a manufacturer of fine tools, waterstones are coarse stones that can help sharpen blades, like those on knives and swords. The grains of the stones are held together loo... Read More »

Me and my dog walked through fertilzer?

you are fine, you walk over much worse in a mall.

Have you ever walked more than a mile ?

I think the distance from my house to central Cambridge is about a mile....I try to walk in to the centre of town and back most days. As for walking *more* than a mile, the furthest I can remember ... Read More »

A fly walked on me!!!! Should I be worried?

No. It is just a fly. They are dirty and all, but the amount of dirt that they carry doesn't affect you enough to worry at all. Flies land on people all the time, there is absolutely nothing to wor... Read More »