I used to think Facebook was fun, but now it's boring....?

Answer Facebook are aware of this problem and are going to ban the developers of these applications from making you invite loads of friends.Soon developers who use this method of inviting friends will rec... Read More »

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Does anybody else think facebook is boring?

Yeah, it really is. And people that you don't want to hear from ever again always find you on there. I stick with Myspace. It's plenty for me.

Isn't facebook boring?

YOU are not the only one! It is really boring!

Is facebook is boring?

Look, it depends on you. Personally I find it boring. But if you have a lot of friend on facebook and you chat, share pics and communicate with them, play games and enjoy numerous services of Faceb... Read More »

Why is Facebook so boring?

Take away the applicants and add the fact that it's cliquish.