I used to have frequent nose bleeds and coughed up bloods clots every time....?

Answer This is not a normal condition, you should go to the Doctor. You might have a bleeding capillary that might need to me lazered. Too many frequent bloody nose can eventually cause anemia or even o... Read More »

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My dad has lately has been having frequent nose bleeds. What does this mean?

In middle aged and older adults, nosebleeds can begin from the septum, but they may also begin deeper in the nose's interior. This latter form of nosebleed is much less common. It may be caused by ... Read More »

Would Benedryl cause frequent nose bleeds?

Benadryl can certainly dry up your mucous membranes, leaving them vulnerable. This is especially so in dry air seasons like winter or when a heater is on. Yoy have a few options.1. Switch to Clarit... Read More »

Could frequent nose bleeds be an early sign of anemia?

Probably just not enough vitamin K. Read this article:

Nose bleeds all the time?

Perhaps you need citrus bioflavonoids, found in oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes and other citrus fruit, to strengthen your blood vessels as in…