I used to cut myself all the time now i started again?

Answer I seriously think you should tell your parents. If you can't speak to them, go see a doctor, teacher, or a school counselor. There are a lot of people that want to help you. Find help. You shouldn'... Read More »

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Who started Time Warner?

According to, Steve Ross is the architect of the Time Warner deal. This deal is in regards to the merger between Time Inc. and Warner Communications in 1989. This merger yielded the name Ti... Read More »

How Do First-Time Gardeners Get Started Homesteading?

The idea of homesteading--growing your own food and relying on yourself for certain basic needs--appeals to people living in the country and in the city. A simple way to get started with homesteadi... Read More »

I'm forty and just started a 2 year course in horticulture, feeling a bit unsure am i wasting my time at myage?

You just had sex and it wasn't your first time so if you started bleeding after that and you were expecting your period any day and then it stopped minutes later can I be pregnant?

Answer Chances of pregnancy Bleeding briefly after sex probably means that some tissue was torn -- it can be quite harmless. If it was brief it probably wasn't your period. If you don't have a nor... Read More »