I use the school's WIFI, Could this land me into trouble?

Answer It's called stealing. So, assume that whatever the punishment is for stealing in your country, would apply to your thieving wifi.You can be tracked, and you probably are. They're just gathering evi... Read More »

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Could I get in legal trouble for this?

The airwaves belong to the public. If your neighbor is broadcasting his connection without security, you are free to use it.

My fiance is 22 and im 17 and I been dating Him 2 years now and Me and him got into some trouble a while ago and now the state picked up the charges How much trouble can he get into?

it dependes on what state you are in lie in V.A the law says that the legal age of consect to sex is 16 and it is legal for you to date someone at most 3 years older with parental consitnt. if your... Read More »

I have groin pain, could this be sciatica or hip trouble?

When there is cracking it's a sign of tight muscles in the area for they are binding joints up so the bones can't rotate properly to turn, they are actually rolling a bit out of the joint and pop... Read More »

Could a parent get into legal trouble if let a child under 13 stay home alone in Illinois?

While many locales have set up safe places to drop off babies who would otherwise be abandoned, the intent was not to provide the same option for older children.