I use the school's WIFI, Could this land me into trouble?

Answer It's called stealing. So, assume that whatever the punishment is for stealing in your country, would apply to your thieving wifi.You can be tracked, and you probably are. They're just gathering evi... Read More »

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Does anyone else have trouble with their new Phillips Blu ray wifi player?

Download & install the latest firmware update.

Trouble connecting laptop to wifi?

You look in the box. take out the manual read it, follow the instruction step by step on how to connect bingo your connected

Will I get in trouble for looking at porn on my college's wifi?

OK BE KNOWN the following user "CHRIS" is a TROLL. YOU WILL get in trouble. they log every connection. ip address. time you were on..etc. You WILL get nailed for it. Dont bother using it at public ... Read More »

Is it possible to have wifi without having a land line?

No landline is necessary for wifi or broadband Internet access, according to Suddenlink representative Matthew Evans. "The days of the home phone are long gone in most cases," said Evans. "The only... Read More »