I turned vegetarian and now my hair is falling out, what am I deficient in?

Answer Vitamin B12. It comes from bacteria, which is washed off of plants when they are cleaned for sale. As far as foods go, you can find it in only animal products. Since it comes from bacteria, however... Read More »

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Did you know a vegetarian diet is deficient?

Ever since I turned Vegan Vegetarian, I've Been Farting A Lot?

It's a combination of detox and an increased fiber intake. It will pass.

How to Keep a Hair Wig From Falling?

Whether you like to change your look and hair style frequently or you've lost your hair, wigs offer options, comfort and security. You can choose from synthetic wigs or real human hair wigs. No mat... Read More »

Why is my hair falling out?

Normal hair fallout is about 60 hairs each day - if your hair is long it might look like a lot more. There are some medical conditions that cause hair fallout, and also if your body is a bit acidi... Read More »