I turned vegetarian and now my hair is falling out, what am I deficient in?

Answer Vitamin B12. It comes from bacteria, which is washed off of plants when they are cleaned for sale. As far as foods go, you can find it in only animal products. Since it comes from bacteria, however... Read More »

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Did you know a vegetarian diet is deficient?

Ever since I turned Vegan Vegetarian, I've Been Farting A Lot?

It's a combination of detox and an increased fiber intake. It will pass.

My hair is falling out, im age 13 and my hair is thining out what should i do?

Do NOT listen to these people -__- Ugh. Anyways, there are ways to strengthen and help grow your hair out. I am trying to grow my hair fast, so i've started to use "Mane and Tail" shampoo. It's a h... Read More »

What can i do to stop my hair from falling out?

Thinning hair is a common problem today. Irregular food habits, maintenance of unhealthy scalp and personal hygiene, elevated levels of environmental pollution and stressed lifestyles can lead to h... Read More »