I turned in a prescription at walmart the other day and.....?

Answer Just call them and tell them what you want.

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Can you get colored contacts from walmart without a prescription?

I dunno what those last 2 are talking about but you can't get contacts without a prescription.Walmart will have them, IF they have an optical department , but you still need a prescription from an ... Read More »

If my prescription is for the diameter 14.2 can I use lenses with other diameters?

You put way too much importance on that diameter. The Dr. didn't choose a specific diameter , it just happens to be the diameter of the brand that was prescribed and happens to be a good fit on you... Read More »

Can you really purchase vicodin or other prescription drugs online?

Sites like this are doing it illegally, and it could be confiscated enroute to you. Only a doctor with a proper exam and testing can prescribe prescription medication. Ordering stuff online is al... Read More »

I accidentally washed my white bikini w/ other whites and it turned yellow!!?