I turn off my computer and it turns right back on, how can I stop this?

Answer The one guy is right about the default shut down, but no one mentioned your motheboard or off-switch.The shut down process is actually controlled by a switch on your mother board. It's entirely po... Read More »

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What should you do when your ipod touch turns off and wont turn back on?

First, check to make sure the batteries are fully charged. Then trying holding the power button on for more than 5 seconds, attempting a full cold boot maybe. If that is not successful, then you pr... Read More »

Computer turns itself off when I turn it on,,?

The only time I had that problem was with an un-orthadox virus - one where even Google had no information, and it took a good programmer neighbor several hours to cure! Many shops do not go this fa... Read More »

Is there a way to set my computers printer so it turns on automatically when I turn on my computer?

Assuming you are using a tower, not a laptop, plug the printer in to the switched outlet in the power supply of the tower.

Every time I turn my computer on and I start working on it , it turns off unexspectly?

Check your cpu fan and the exhust fan for the computer. if it's a desk top of course. if it's a laptop make sure the vents are clear of dust. tur the laptop on it's side with the vent facing down a... Read More »