I turn 40 today. Will my HMO now cover Depends, a walker, a little scooter, Craftmatic bed, Miracle Ears, etc.?

Answer HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Well, no these will not be covered, but you will get a really cool AARP card in the next few years. LOL, my dad did. I still have many years to get there, I am still dreading 30. ... Read More »

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How to Change the Turn Signal Bulb in a Roketa Scooter?

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One of my ears has been hurting today. Could anything be wrong?

Are you feeling dizzy or suffering from vertigo and loss of balance? Is so, It may be a middle ear infection. Does the University have a student health service? Go get them to check you out. Withou... Read More »

Why do the ears of guinea pigs turn red?

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