I tryed to break my wrist but all i did was bruise it ?

Answer J/C, (although I might regret asking) but, why do you want to break your wrist by the end of the weekend? Sounds like a harsh way just to get out of school...

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Did I splinter, break, or just bruise my arm!!?

Give it a couple more days. I'm sure you just sprained it. If its worse in a day or two, see your doctor.

Did I break or bruise my tailbone?

There is no way to know for sure. In any case, the treatment is the same. If you have bruised or broken your tailbone, it will take a while to heal. This kind if injury can be very painful.Avoid... Read More »

Elbow break or bruise?

Often acute pains feel much worse than they usually are simply because of thought patterns. Keep it on ice for a few hours while keeping slight movement in it, and you should be fine. If not, seek ... Read More »