I try to turn off safe search but the sites keep coming up scrambled?

Answer if you still have XP then most sites will come up scrambled. Facebook is using IE9 I understand, I have IE6 and can hardly read it.I guess what I'm saying is that your computer isn't up to date. ... Read More »

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How do you turn safe search off?

You need to log in to your yahoo account then click on the safe search icon and you can then turn it off. Just go to to a yahoo search and you will see it there.

How to turn off safe search?

Im assuming it for an image browser like Google images if so you can find it under settings.

How can search results for any model product turn up on a Google search and ....?

Yes, Google offers that type of service! Somewhere along the way you must have said OK. Google will store your browsing history for all of the words and websites you search for. Also your searches ... Read More »

How to Set Safe Search Preferences in Google Search?

The Google Homepage.At one point or another, you must have clicked on an inappropriate website listed in Google Search. Or saw an explicit image on Google Images. This article will explain how to s... Read More »