I tripped over my cat and fell on a few staplers?

Answer Um, is the cat ok?

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I fell over missing the last step of a flight of stairs. I twisted round and fell awkwardly on the floor... ?

No, if you are crying in pain, then it is seriousIt's just "sore"

So last wk end I fell off a ladder and broke my head, and last night my dogs tripped me and I sprained my?

I will give you a piggy-back ride to wherever you need to go, but I'm a bit clumsy myself.

My daughter tripped over my lettuce sprout ripping the leafs off?

If any of it is left above ground it will probably grow back. If is broken off even with the ground, it is a goner. It is not too late to replant but use seed. It is not economical to buy lettuc... Read More »

I fell so over weight what can i do?

It's hard I know. I've had to give up eating entire hams at the dinner table, now I have to get by on nothing but a deep fried turkey...