I tried meth for the first time and..?

Answer If your read your post, you kind of answer the question. You had a nice/ok experience with the meth, you will find this with 90% of all drugs whether legal, illegal, natural. You will probably try ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of meth mouth if I've never done meth?

Teeth are fallin' out, huh? I'll bet you're never lonely on a Saturday night.

My son and meth?

How to Tell when Your Teen Is Using Meth?

Meth is the most dangerous drug for teens to take. It can damage the mind as well as mess up a teenagers life. Here is how to tell if your teen is actually using meth and intervene before it's too ... Read More »

How can I get meth out of my system in 3 days?

Don't do anymore and drink a lot of cranberry juice.