I tried meth for the first time and..?

Answer If your read your post, you kind of answer the question. You had a nice/ok experience with the meth, you will find this with 90% of all drugs whether legal, illegal, natural. You will probably try ... Read More »

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How do I get rid of meth mouth if I've never done meth?

Teeth are fallin' out, huh? I'll bet you're never lonely on a Saturday night.

I just tried Bao for the first time and they are AMAZING!! When are they traditionally eaten?

Bao like those you found in dim sum places are served and eaten in the morning where chinese families go yam cha meaning drink tea an occassion where family members gather together to drink tea and... Read More »

Has anyone tried the first batch of Mtn Dew: Johnson City Gold?

i havent but it said that it had a lemon lime kick

Is my system clean i kno shouldnt never tried drugs in the first place?

Marijuana has a half-life in your system. How long it takes to leave your system depends on how much you smoke. But the time maxes out at around 45 days. One smoking session for someone with a clea... Read More »