I tried changing my password to penis and it said it was too short?

Answer Rub your penis. Make it hard, then try to set your password as 'hardpenis'

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I tried changing my password to "penis" and they said it was to short?

Hahahaha! You just made my day!!! And yes. They have access in your pants. (;

Is changing an email password without permission a crime?

Yes, according the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, someone who "intentionally accesses without authorization a facility through which an electronic communication service is provided, or inte... Read More »

How can i change my password on yahoo but without changing user name?

sign into Yahoo then click on your name on the right hand side, enter your old password and it will take you to your Yahoo account page.

Is it possible to enter someone's Facebook account, without knowing or changing the password?

1. Make sure you didn't actually stay logged in on someone else's device.2. Make sure that if you click "save password" on your computer/laptop that nobody has access to it. When you save your pass... Read More »