I tool benadryl and Niquil. Is that okay?

Answer Well you are overdosing on the diphenhydramine which is in both the benedryl and the nyquil, so you have an equal chance of being hyper and sleepless or sleepy. I would never take more than 50 mg o... Read More »

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Can any one give me a link for a tool that goes in the tool bar for a spell check & a language converter?

The link (below) will take you to your My Yahoo page where the language bar and money converter exist.On the My Yahoo page there is the word "Content" with a green + sign. Click it and you will see... Read More »

Is there a gardening tool tool that starts with X?

1Windows Vista includes a defragmentation tool. Should you supplement that tool with other defragmentation u?

No, one defrag tool is enough; they all do the same thing which is to rearrange files on the hard drive so that (as much as possible) every file occupies a single contiguous series of sectors.Once ... Read More »

If someone swallowed 53 pills of Benadryl would that kill them?

I'm not sure if it would kill - but it would most definitely cause some excruciating stomach pain and vomiting.