I took the earring out to soon, so help me with this strategy?

Answer Why complicte matters....Go for the straightforward approach.....A/B/C..pick one and stick with the plan.

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Took out earring and it started bleeding?

Seems like you didn't clean the piercing - around the hole and the ring - before taking it out and crusties around or on the stud scratched the inside part of the hole, that's why it bled.Don't use... Read More »

What will happen with this FAFSA strategy?

sorry to answer this question with something from another question of mine lol...but thanks thats awesome to hear about teh raven dark hair!if you go to my previous question whihc is till open and ... Read More »

I took Molly and Adderall last week, will I pass my drug test that I took this morning?

Both are amphetamines or are related to amphetamines and both generaly clear out of your system within a few days. Drinking lots of fluids will just dilute your sample and make it come back as flus... Read More »

I took 4 Tylenol PM with 2 Xanax, how dangerous is this?

Hi There,I am a dentistry student and have studied tonnes of pharmacology. I have just consulted MIMS. If you haven't heard of it, MIMS is basically a giant encyclopaedia of all the medicines curre... Read More »