I took ecstasy yesterday and can still feel effects PLEASE HELP?

Answer stop ******* preaching to this kid hes just having fun...anyways it might just be because your brain is low on serritonin just try to rest and drink lots of water it should flush out soon youll be ... Read More »

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What's the effects of ecstasy like?

It feels nothing like being drunk.You feel wide awake, alert, and completely in tune with the people your with and your surroundings. Your heart beats really fast (which is probably why some people... Read More »

MDMA/Ecstasy effects.?

There are just so many factors to consider. First and foremost, how much you actually take. Not all pills are the same dose. And most of the ecstasy out there is already mixed with other chemicals,... Read More »

Feeling bad after effects of MDMA (ecstasy)?

There's probably no connection, but why risk it for the sake of a visit to the Doctors. Tell him the truth. He's there to help you whatever the reason for it.I can't believe your being advised to l... Read More »

Half of Ecstasy Pill effects?

if you didn't like it i doubt you got good stuff...but your seratonin levels should be fine in 2 weeksbesides it doesn't really affect your mood at allthe only people it affects are the ones who do... Read More »