I took 5 tylenols, should I be okay?

Answer are they 200 mg each? That is 1000 mg of acetaminophen. That is very bad. Go to the er if you start feeling nauseous or dizzy. Also iff you've had this headache for week something is up. You need t... Read More »

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I took 15 tylenols at once.. its been 12 hours and i dont feel anything.. what is gonna happen?

Go to ER NOW. Tylenol active ingrediant is Acetminophen aka Paracetamol this in doses of more than 1g per time or 2 500mg tabs is highly toxic for the liver and causes hepatotoxicity aka liver fail... Read More »

Took one shot but then took 2 headache pain pills afterwords . will i be okay ? will be fine.....................

If I took an Antihistamine earlier is it okay to take DXM 8 hours later?

"Purple drank" is actually a combination of the antihistamine promethazine, DXM, and usually codeine. Since this a commonly prescribed medication, you should be okay combining the two.

If I took 15 grams of omega 3 fatty acids fish oil each day would that be okay or bad?

I would say 3 at the most. Honestly, why would you want to take that many? Your pores will start smelling fishy! Not kidding, it's pretty gross...