I told this guy on the internet that...?

Answer Actually he can easily find out your general location ie: your state just from your IP address which is usually sent along in the header of most e-mails. So be careful!!!As technology advances so ... Read More »

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Someone told me that there were pictures of naked women on the Internet, is this true?

WHAT a LIAR....I've been searching for the last 5 years for naked pics and I can't find any....LOL

My friend was having sex with his daughter and his wife walked into the room and caught them and he told her that she was not meant to find out that this was going on for five years.?

Your friend has committed incest which is against the law. Of course he didn't want his wife to find out because he is not a man, but a predator and he knows what he is doing is not right. His wife... Read More »

I was told today that Harley Davis Motorbikes are not all made in the USA, Is this true.?

Like most manufacturers Harley source some parts elswhere but does that make them any less desireable. I think notI have had Honda's and loved them but am now on my 2nd Harley and would not wish t... Read More »

I was told that I could use bran muffins to redo my driveway. Is this true?

yes, it would make a darling cobblebran driveway! make sure you only use "Post" bran though, as 'the other guy' tends to make mushy bran muffins that never go stale.;)