I told my Mrs we would eat out tonight so she got all dolled up then went?

Answer you just cant please some women!

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How about if you were to have sex a few days after period and sperm went in one day and then went in the next day as well can u still be pregnant?

Of course. You could get pregnant the first time or the second time, but only one time. The second sperm has nothing to do with the first sperm. Sperm can live inside the body for up to 7 days.

If you had sex with a boy then he pulled out but wipe off the spem then went back in?

I went to the doctor and i told him about touching someone elses blood and he said i wouldnt have hiv?

Listen to the Doctor. Blood has to be transfered into your body by a cut. Stop being silly, How do you know that the blood you touched was HIV.You need to get out more and stop focusing on yourself.UK

Does anyone remember that children's TV show about the guy who went into a fancy dress shop and when he tried on the clothes he would go to the place. eg if he was a chef he went into a kitchen?