I threw up today after getting wisdom teeth pulled?

Answer Where do you get off trying to blame oxycodone for your problems? How dare you!! You probably need to lose some weight anyways...

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I just got my wisdom teeth pulled today but I woke up and I wasn't loopy at all. Is this normal?

Meds effect everyone differently. Anaesthetics don't get me high either.

Got my wisdom teeth pulled need help?

Stiches will fall out on there own. Eat anything that is soft for the first couple of days. Constantly clean the holes out, you don't want food particles in the hole as it heals, or it could cause ... Read More »

What is it like getting your wisdom teeth pulled?

okay so i got my wisdom teeth pulled a few months ago and im going to tell you about my whole experience along with what you should do and what you shouldnt.okay so the day your getting them pulled... Read More »

Does everyone have to get wisdom teeth pulled?

Not everyone have to get them pulled, if they grow correctly. Some have to pull them off because sometimes they grow crooked, or don't want to come out completely... I had that problem, my wisdom t... Read More »