I threw away my camera, how do I get it back?

Answer Um no way if u threw it after the trashguys came... That sucks.

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Do you still keep your old photographic camera with film or you threw it away?

Not only do I still display approximately 40 working film cameras in my living room, I also keep many parts cameras and lenses and do some basic repair myself or send cameras I use regularly out fo... Read More »

Is there away to get pictures back on a digitial Camera that were deleted?

No. Once anything is deleted on a digital camera it is gone, forever into the ether that is digital nothingness. If you could access deleted pictures they would still have to be stored, and the p... Read More »

I just threw away my ashtrays... brief moment of panic...?

Well, go you!Given that you've already weaned yourself down to 2 a day, I'm guessing that the physical addiction side of things won't be that onerous to deal with compared to the habit itself. To ... Read More »

I threw my back out, what should I do?

Hey, You should go and see a chiropractor. They know all that there is to know about backs and the spine. Tell your parents to take you to one. They will work wonders for you. You will be feeling l... Read More »