I this thing stupid food ?

Answer Yes, because to lose weight it is only important to burn more calories that you enter. That means that you can eat normal and lose weight by exercising. Also it is the healthier way, because when o... Read More »

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What the hell is wrong with this stupid thing?

Stupid smoke detector question: HOW in the *$&%^&# do I get this freaking thing to STOP beeping!?

You put the wrong batteries in it. You used the vibrator ones again.

I did a really stupid thing at lunchtime...?

go to A&E. you can't mess about where your eyes are concerned, they are too delicate.

Has anyone else ever done the same stupid thing?

yeah man, you pulled your trapezius muscle.i have done it several times, once i did it while driving, and i couldn't pull out into traffic because i couldn't look the other direction!!just try to s... Read More »