I think you are all robots, do you agree?

Answer I think we make our choices based on our facts and circumstance surrounding our environment, which limits them to begin with. I think like 90% of our lives are already decided for us when we are b... Read More »

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How can I remove robots.txt that's blocking google from crawling to my site. I didnt put any robots.txt. Help.?

NASA's robotics-hand dexterity research has been used by robots manufactures to improve robots what?

I think robots are already being used in japan and that they can clean the house and do other labor intensive?

Yes.Check out this playlist:…As well as this great movie on Japanese technology:…Have you heard of brain-interf... Read More »

R&P: Do you think there is one song that we can all agree to liking?

I don't reckon i count as a regular, but i definitely agree. Also in agreement with the rick rolling... lol =]Comfortably numb is an incredible song, i would be surprised if you found someone who d... Read More »